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Welcome to FLTPK (flatpack) - an innovative way to access brand new dance films created by world class artists. As a Patron, you will get exclusive access to 2 dance films each month and immersive behind-the-scenes content. Become a part of this new network of artists developed by Trey McIntyre Projects. Sign up and have a look around.       

Hear more about how FLTPK works and how your donation supports artists who are out of work in the face of the COVID pandemic:


FLTPK is an online subscription service that gives you access to one-of-a-kind, original dance works by some of the greatest dance makers on the planet. Access to these dance works is exclusive to our subscription platform: two world premieres a month, premiering every other Friday night.

To gain access, you can make a monthly pledge of any dollar amount in the support of the production of these works. Your monthly contribution allows access to each premiere and, depending on your level of support, the archive of past premieres.


If you're scratching your head about the nuts and bolts of what this actually is, then read this part. Patreon is a website started by members of the band Pomplamoose as a way for artists to crowdfund their work. Here's a great video that should explain a lot: EXPLAIN IT TO ME VIDEO


After my premiere for Houston Ballet was shut down Covid-style on opening night, I decided to stay put and quarantine in Houston, as NY was becoming the hotspot of the US and I was in no hurry to return home. The dancers of Houston Ballet were spending weeks on end doing make-shift ballet class at home and wondering when they would be working again. So I decided to work with some of these artists on dance films. Instead of asking everyone to work for free, I did some fundraising to support these mini-commissions and raised a modest budget per and assembled a small team that was safely manageable: usually myself, a dancer or two, a designer, and a composer to create a new piece of music.

As I began to look forward, I realized that I could easily be looking at many, many months of no new commissions from ballet companies. I started to look at how virtual commissions could grow into an opportunity to be creating dance while the world is repairing itself. I have built a modest success as an unknown photographer on Patreon. Patreon is a crowdfunding platform for artists, somewhat similar to Kickstarter, but rather than being project based, it provides ongoing support for artists to do their work. Patrons pledge a certain dollar amount for each work that is produced so that an artist can count on a revenue stream whenever they release something new. So, I began examining how this format could work for the dance I was thinking about creating.

It quickly became evident that this idea could be bigger than just the work I was interested in making myself. This could be something that speaks to this very moment in history and provide income and an audience for many artists who don’t know where to go next. The Covid crisis has put the hunger for new, excellent digital content into high gear as people find ways to enjoy their increased time at home. There is a greater hunger for art presented in this way, but a lack of enough great content. While dancers, dance makers, and companies are creating digital content in these times, there is a lack of an efficient way to support these endeavors, while reaching the audiences who want to see them.

With all this at the forefront of mind and heart, I am launching the new Trey McIntyre Projects - not as a company of dancers, but as a community of artists. Dancemakers and Filmmakers from around the world are assembling their teams of collaborators and creating a movement based films, invented specifically to be viewed at home. The films will then have their world premieres, right here on our Patreon page and whatever pot of contributions that have been contributed at that point is evenly divided amongst the collaborators. The goal is to create an egalitarian system that removes status and negotiation from the artistic process and gives everyone an equal stake. Further, in full transparency, as a method of ultimately making the program self-sustaining, one of the equal partners will be Trey McIntyre Projects as presenter/distributor/producer, creating funding for organizational expenses that will ultimately not depend on individual donors.

We call this program FLTPK (Flatpack). Flatpack modular furniture has provided an ingenious and affordable solution delivered in a compact cube that comes to life in one's home and gains dimension and meaning. Similarly, a FLTPK comes into our home via the two-dimensional computer monitor and the individual contributions of artists come to life in the shared experience of seeing a dance work that is brand new.

As a patron of FLTPK, you will be entering a community where you can interact with other dance lovers and share your ideas and opinions about the work. In the weeks leading up to each premiere, curated behind-the-scenes content and insight into each artist’s artistic process will provide an intimate and multi-colored insight into each piece.

Internally, FLTPK artists will come together as a giant, world-wide collective web. Through an online server, a filmmaker from Kansas can connect with a dancer from Kenya and share ideas, give feedback, and dream about what is possible. Diversity on all levels is a priority in bringing artists into this community: ethnic background, gender, world view, physical ability, and dance forms will all come to the table and have voice. Even artists who do not necessarily have a background in dance can find a place to communicate in the universal language of movement.

Radical, world-changing history is happening right now. Old systems of economy, human rights, and social structure are coming to the breaking point. Arts institutions specifically are faced with both the fragility of their business model and the inequities built into the structures we have invested in. Artists are in a point of complete structural change and are in a holding pattern, waiting to see what happens next. FLTPK provides a new idea and new hope. Imagine a group of artists who usually work in a competitive vacuum, coming together in a system that is supported by supporting one another. The greater everyone’s work, the bigger the audience that is attracted. The bigger the audience, the greater the resource given to artists to make better work. Let's band together to make this vision a reality.

Thank you for helping to make this sea change possible!


At the end of the month, the total amount of audience support is tallied. After 8% goes to Patreon for providing this beautiful system and then an amount for credit card fees...artists, contributors, and TMP will divide proceeds and subscriptions equally.